the marketplace for European commercial real estate, has launched the first European commercial property broker fee survey.

Broker fees can vary enormously across Europe, the Consorto broker fee survey shows
Consorto has launched the first commercial property broker fee survey

Commercial brokers are invited to take part in the survey, which takes just one minute to complete at Responses are confidential.

Exact fees are usually negotiated within the given percentage range. Who pays the commission often depends on which side has requested for the broker services.

The results of the property broker fee survey, which covers 32 countries across Europe, can be viewed on the Consorto website.

Across Europe, broker fees paid by the buyer for transactions of up to €10 million can vary from 0.5%-6.0% and those paid by the seller range from 0.5%-5.0%.

Buyer and seller fees from €10 million-€50 million both vary from 0.5%-5.0%.

Commercial property transactions of €50 million and over incur broker fees of 0.5%-4.0% for the buyer and for the seller.

Broker fees can vary enormously

Chief Executive Officer, Philip Verzun, says, “Broker fees can vary enormously across Europe. If you want to know how much broker commission fees typically are in each country, then check the findings on Consorto.

“The results reflect the latest feedback from industry professionals and includes the typical fees range for both buyer and seller and the local VAT rate.

“We invite commercial real estate brokers to take part in the survey and add their data to the results. The more that take part, the better the quality of information for the industry.”

Consorto has generated more than €500 million in offers during 2020 and currently features listings worth a massive €11.7 billion as well as active investor requests totalling €5.6 billion.

Consorto commercial property listings include office, industrial, retail, hotels and resorts, land, mixed-use, special purpose and development sectors. Listing is free of charge. Sellers only pay a fee once their deal is complete.

The site features a special Private listings section, with an option to add off-market properties for those who want to limit the amount of information published about a property.

There is also a Wanted Property section employs targeted automation to find matching deals from active real estate professionals and sellers in the target locations.

Consorto users can register for free.

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