Consorto is delighted to announce that we have won a FinTech 2020 award.

The award, hosted by Wealth and Finance International, is for the Best European Commercial Real Estate Marketplace 2020.

Consorto has won a FinTech Award 2020

Consorto Chief Executive Officer Philip Verzun says, “This announcement has come as we have exceeded 1000 listings on and generated more than €500million in offers in 2020, which all demonstrates the popularity of the platform with European commercial property brokers and investors.”

The Fintech Awards are dedicated to rewarding and recognising the hard work, excellence and creativity of FinTech companies, start-ups, technologies and products.

They are chosen by an independent judging panel which conducts merit-orientated research to verify the information. Awardees must be able to demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to client service, and/or commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Wealth and Finance International says, “The fintech market has evolved at a rapid pace and continues transforming and innovating the financial services sector in areas such as payments, lending, personal finance and banking to name but a few. Providing safer and more reliable solutions to a myriad of economic institutions and individuals, there is a great deal of work worthy of praise and admiration.”

In the last year, Consorto has won an award for Excellence and Innovation, BUILD Real Estate and Property Award 2019 for the Best Pan-European Commercial Real Estate Marketplace and also the CorporateLiveWire Real Estate Technology Company of the Year 2020 – Amsterdam.

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