As the Coronavirus takes more of a hold around the world, online property investment solutions are more important than ever.

With travel limited in many places around the world and the stock markets reeling, investors around the world are turning to online commercial property investment specialists, like

As the Coronavirus takes hold, online property investment solutions are vital

Consorto Chief Executive Officer, Philip Verzun, says, “As travel has become more restricted to limit the spread of the COVID-19, Consorto has seen strong growth in deal activity from international investors. At the same time, more investors are adding Wanted Property requests to find their ideal investment opportunities.

“It’s yet another reason why property brokers and sellers should upload their listings on, the online marketplace for European commercial real estate.

“As stock markets are plunging, more investors are turning to commercial property investment to meet their returns on investment.”

One of the reasons is that many CRE investments are made over the long-term that allow for market ups and downs.

Resilient market

In previous times of economic downturns, commercial property has proved remarkably resilient and so far, there is little evidence of a slowdown in sales. The Coronavirus has certain caused a disruption in travel, but at the moment, commercial property transactions are holding up well.

Investors may not be able to attend commercial property events, but online platforms such as offer a wealth of CRE listings that can be searched by investors from anywhere in the world. means commercial property buyers around the world can actively search and carry out the due diligence process without having to travel.

Consorto connects investors and verified brokers using targeted automation, which means buyers can find more matching deals, obtain full details of property listings from sellers online and progress to close the deal.

It is true that the effect of the Coronavirus crisis may bring a temporary fall in European commercial property sales, but when there is a crisis, the market usually rebounds strongly afterwards, as pent-up demand is released.

Consorto properties offer investment opportunities across Europe

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