Consorto’s Property Listing Manager, Märt Roos, understands how to help brokers and investors buy and sell real estate – as he is a licensed broker himself!

He has more than five years’ experience in the sector in the Nordics, leading sales processes for various development projects and has a master’s degree in business finance.

Property Listing Manager, Märt Roos
Consorto’s Property Listing Manager, Märt Roos

Märt discovered Consorto through LinkedIn after connecting with Chief Executive Philip Verzun.

His main aim as Property Listing Manager is to further improve the quality of listings for users and investors.

“As a real estate agent I understand the importance of the information you provide to a potential buyer, so I will try to use this experience to take the quality of our listings to a next level.

“I see that Consorto has a big potential for the European market and I am here to bring my contribution.”

Märt’s message to users is that Consorto is here to help put together European commercial property deals using the latest technological solutions. “We have a team that will help you with all the questions you might have. Times are changing and the need for a new solution to bring potential buyers and sellers together is stronger than ever.”

Away from work, Märt Roos is a keen sports fan – particularly football and basketball. He keeps active and enjoys eating out and experiencing new places.

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