It’s been 10-months in the making – so you can see the kind of work that has gone into the launch of Consorto’s new Deal Flow feature.

The cutting-edge automated communication process speeds up data access and pre-selection for European commercial property buyers.

The newly-launched Deal Flow system also helps better manage leads and monitor deal progress.

The smart process is part of Consorto’s extensive service package and is free of charge to registered users.

Main Deal Flow benefits

The three main benefits of Deal Flow are:

  1. Unlock off-market listing details with instant digital signature
  2. Quick Q&A using pre-selected questions
  3. Confirm further interest or cancel.

Consorto® Chief Executive, Philip Verzun, explains, “With Deal Flow, users can now instantly sign documents, unlock private listings, go through initial questions and answers and choose to submit interest to open a chat with the transaction team. Sellers can get an overview of listing progress and generate leads.

“For us, the process began last summer, so it has been 10 months in the making to get to this launch stage. This is phase one of Deal Flow, so we are just getting started with automating the initial part of the process. We are working towards the day when the entire commercial property transaction can be made digitally, but we are still some way away from this in Europe.”

Consorto® registered users can click the Proceed with Deal Flow button on their chosen listing to begin the process, which is handled automatically.

Sellers see the questions buyers have asked from a pre-populated list and provide quick answers, which are automatically relayed. Both parties are kept informed of progress.

Click of a button

Previously, all this work was done manually and took considerable time and effort. Now, it can all be done at the click of a button, 24-hours a day.

Once the questions are answered, investors can proceed with the deal or end their interest.

In addition, buyers can use the Deal Flow system to digitally sign an NDA and access hidden information about private deals.

Consorto’s Deal Flow system is ready to use right now! Users just have to log in, go to your chosen listing and click the Proceed to Deal Flow button.

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