In tune with Consorto highlighting an all-British pick in our latest deal watch, are reports that the UK commercial property sector is expected to enjoy a strong post-Brexit rebound. Other stories in our news summary for 15 February explore the top Q4 cities, your view on 2021 market prospects, more women at the top and one investor’s US$30b spend on property.

Strong UK market rebound

The UK's commercial property market is expected to take off after Brexit
UK’s commercial property market is expected to take off

By: Mansion Global
Summary: Now Brexit is over and the UK has produced a strong COVID vaccination programme, analysts expect the commercial property sector will take off, with CBRE and Colliers both predicting strong market rises.
Key quote: “The U.K.’s ‘settled new relationship’ with Europe, plus low interest rates, will drive an uptick in commercial real estate investment, said Miles Gibson, executive director of U.K. research for real-estate-services firm CBRE. The firm forecasts £48 billion, equivalent to about $66 billion, worth of investment this year, up 30% from £37 billion in 2020.Read the full story:

Amsterdam tops European Q4 CRE rises

Amsterdam heads CRE gains in value

Summary: Amsterdam led CRE global price gains in Quarter 4, 2021, with the commercial index gaining 20.0% in the fourth quarter, says RCA Capital. The average gain was 3.1%.
Key quote: “Just two of the 18 cities that comprise the RCA Global Cities Composite Index posted significant annual declines in Q4 2020. Prices of office, industrial and retail properties in both London and in Hong Kong fell by 7.7% year-over-year.”
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Your 2021 investment prospects

2021 investment prospects
Will you invest more in 2021? Let Consorto know!

By: Consorto
Summary: Consorto has set up LinkedIn and Twitter polls to find out how investors view their prospects for 2021. We want to know whether you are looking to invest more, the same or less in 2021.
Quote:  “COVID has affected CRE markets, but as the markets start to open up, what are your plans? How likely are you to invest in European CRE in 2021? We want to know your views.”
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More women are at the top of CRE
More women are taking top roles in CRE

More women at top of CRE

By: Europe RE
Summary: More women are taking top roles in the commercial real estate sector. At the same time more progress is still needed.
Key quote: “The ranks of women holding senior leadership roles in European commercial real estate are growing, but there is still a long way to go for companies to become truly diverse and inclusive.”
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Prudential spends US$30 billion on property

Eric Adler, president and CEO of PGIM Real Estate
Eric Adler

Summary: PGIM Real Estate completed nearly US$30 billion in 911 transactions worldwide in 2020. This includes $3.3 billion spent on 53 European transactions and its first acquisition in the UK on behalf of the investors in its European core strategy.
Quote: Eric Adler, president and CEO of PGIM Real Estate, says, “We entered the pandemic from a position of exceptional strength and resiliency, with rigorous investment and operational risk infrastructure in place globally and considerable liquidity across our debt and equity businesses.”
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