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Pan-European commercial real estate marketplace Consorto.com has introduced a new corporate user account package – Agency Plan. Consorto’s Listing Director Märt Roos explains the new feature.

Q. What is the Agency Plan? Who is it for?

The Agency Plan is a subscription-based team account for commercial real estate agencies. It is designed to manage team’s property listings, enquiries, and ongoing deals all under a single online account.

Q. How does the Agency Plan work?

Real estate agency creates an online user account on Consorto.com. Account manager can then invite individual team members and set different roles for them (sellers’ agent, buyer’s agent etc.). Individual user accounts are all linked to a single company dashboard, that provides an overview of team progress and activities.

Q. What are the main benefits?

Real estate agencies can instantly share their entire team’s property listings to verified global investors. Brokers get access to the full benefits of all Consorto’s features like investor matching, off-market listing mode and automated workflow process. Agencies can have an overview of on-going deals and team progress from the company dashboard.

Q. What are the main features of the Agency Plan?

Agencies can invite team members and assign user roles. Each team member also gets a personal user account without the usual Consorto transaction fee model. Brokers can add unlimited number of private or public property listings or wanted search requests. Team members can also access the automated workflow to manage requests or view company activity report.

Q. What does Agency Plan subscription cost?

We are offering annual subscription packages with monthly payments. The price depends on the market size and number of team users. It is important to mention that the subscription-based service has a 30-day free trial. Contact us for the demo and pricing on info@consorto.com.

Q. How do sign up for the Agency Plan

Firstly, you need to have a Consorto user account (takes 2 minutes). After logging into your personal account, you will find the Create Account button on your user dashboard. You then add your company details and start the free trial period. To get the most out of the trial period, we recommend contacting us for a detailed demonstration, so you will have a full overview of the plan and its features.

Q. What if someone has more questions?

Call or whatsapp us +31 647 875157 or send an email to info@consorto.com and we would be glad to tell you more about the features and benefits of the Consorto Agency Plan.

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