Finding the right commercial real estate broker is more than finding a well-reputed one. Or even a brilliant one. You and your broker have to ‘click’. Finding the right person to represent you on the real estate battlefield is a bit like finding Braveheart or Joan of Arc. And we know just how hard it is to find a good heroine or a hero these days. So, let’s take a look at some of the qualities to look for in a commercial real estate broker.

A real estate rock star

I spy with my little eye.. a good real estate broker. How sure are we? How can we tell? Just because someone enjoys the real estate broker license doesn’t necessarily make them a real estate rock star. So, what are the signs of a genuinely fault-proof broker we should be looking for?

They are all ears

Let’s say you’re interested in purchasing a property in one of the commercial real estate hotspots in Europe. Who do you want by your side? We say, probably someone who lets you know your needs, desires, requirements, and concerns are being heard. And not only heard—they will be addressed in an understanding, precise manner, having your best interest in mind when negotiating. An excellent real estate broker will ask questions and be open to cross-examination.

Reputation knows its worth

It’s all about the quality of work. The broker beast may not have the friendliest face, and there probably isn’t a spare bouquet in their briefcase, but the numbers speak for themselves. If a broker has exceptional referrals—it’s valuable information. A recommendation is everything in the real estate world. You cannot just be “okay” and have an infinite client waitlist. If it’s almost impossible for them to squeeze you into their schedule, it’s a good sign.

It keeps them up at night

You want a matador by your side. This bold, lock-jaw bullfighter wearing flamingo colours (for they feel no shame nor fear) is exactly what you need for closing the deal. Yes, they can recite commercial real estate trends post-COVID to you, so you find them knowledgeable and trustworthy. But keeping up with all the real estate news is a given—inherent passion isn’t. And that’s what will set a great real estate broker apart from the herd. It’s the driving force that pushes their boundaries and makes it impossible for their competitors to catch up. They shapeshift into light speed vapor and say OLE

Solid as a rock

Qualities to look for in a commercial real estate broker and qualities we look for in family members, a partner, a colleague, or a close friend—they have a common denominator. We like our people steadfast. We salute integrity. Open communication, honesty, and wisdom. Full transparency is what makes it or breaks it. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for in a broker.
Always be cautious when finding a commercial real estate broker
Finding that one person of trust is anything but easy in the real estate universe. Knowing how to protect yourself when working with real estate and just how to spot a potential fraud is vital.

Keeping up

A good broker is somewhat of a fine meteorologist. They predict the real estate forecast with confidence. How? Through keeping up. They possess marketing tools and strategies, they use technology as their vessel, and they network. We’re light-years away from the landline era with rolled-up sleeves in smoky offices. Good real estate brokers use social media, blogs, and websites. They take pride in a masterfully knitted web of important data—contacts, properties, and market information. They go the extra mile. For instance, are you physically unable to attend a tour, or do you have questions regarding the property? A conference call will be arranged for you

Social intelligence

There are no preferences, as there is no discrimination. All real estate brokers are welcome as long as they get the job done professionally and concisely. Social intelligence and resourcefulness are important criteria if you’re hiring a real estate broker. Understanding and reading people is crucial for a successful closing. Say you’re an international investor in European commercial property, and your broker is not socially intelligent. How will it affect your business?

They are connected

One of the most important qualities to look for in a commercial real estate broker would have to be versatility. Versatility? Yes. They may be just your broker, but they are also (almost always) exceptionally well connected and can help with a wide range of solutions to potential hiccups. They are a part of an intricate mechanism, so don’t be surprised if you need a contractor or an architect and your broker knows just the man/woman for the job. Maybe a lawyer to take care of the paperwork? Don’t be shy to ask. A high-quality broker will deliver.

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