Entrepreneur Ramon Luitwieler is in a unique position to help boost Consorto growth.

Consorto’s Business Ambassador in The Netherlands is a well-connected businessman who has cultivated an international network of High Net Worth Individuals.

And he believes it is just a matter of time before Consorto takes off in a big way. “It is a beautiful brand. The industry is quite conservative, so introducing something pioneering takes some time, but it is just a matter of time before Consorto explodes into major growth.”

Consorto’s Business Ambassador in The Netherlands, Ramon Luitweiler

As a founder of the millionaire joint network Miljonet.com, Ramon has relationships with influential decision-makers from around the world.

He describes himself as a connector. “I am now helping companies to grow via my network, so if someone is looking for an investor, strategic partners or particular connection, I can usually make the connection with the right people.”

Ramon, who lives close to Rotterdam, first worked at Nestle in the business-to-business division and won the national key account manager of the year award along with some best practice awards.

He noticed that each division seemed to target the same few influential individuals and thought there was a more efficient way to do business.

So Ramon and his sales manager founded their own company – Capacity-Force. “The idea was we used all our connections for multiple companies, so we always had something to upsell. For example, if they were selling a coffee machine, at the same time they could sell watercoolers or software. It was a one-stop shop.”

Network of High Net Worth Individuals

Then they came up with the idea to establish a network of High Net Worth Individuals. “These people are important decision-makers. They are affluent; they have spending power. So we thought, let’s create this community online where they can benefit from each other’s network and so we hosted a ‘Linkedin’ for screened people.

“But then the Global Financial Crisis stuck and in 2008 all of these people wanted to sell their second house, their boat, their paintings, so we thought why not add an online marketplace?”

So Miljonet.com – the Millionaires Joined Network – was born as the marketplace and community website where high net worth individuals and luxury brands come together.

Ramon is still a shareholder at Miljonet, but he now concentrates on business opportunities created by his own international network of High Net Worth Individuals– including helping Consorto to grow.

Many of his connections are active property investors – which is how Ramon met Consorto Chief Executive Officer, Philip Verzun.

Ramon explains, “In some ways, helping to expand Consorto is similar to my experience in creating Miljonet – an online platform that is looking to grow. I know quite a lot of real estate investors, I have done some deals in commercial real estate, especially hotels, so I thought let’s see how I can help Consorto to grow – and that is where we are today.

Consorto is opening doors to bigger companies

“I know from experience with Miljonet that you have to put a lot of energy into positioning the brand through the right people. But it takes time to build up a reputation. Consorto is at that point, opening doors to bigger companies. For instance, we are working with Scout24 in Germany.”

Looking at opportunities for property investors in the Dutch market, most people immediately think of Amsterdam, but values there are extraordinary and many buyers have been priced out of the market, so investors are turning to nearby Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.

“In fact, 70% of the deals in commercial real estate are now done outside of Amsterdam. That is also where the growth is.”

A lot of property investors are willing to invest, but it is not always easy to find properties that meet their requirements. That is where Consorto comes in.

“Consorto is developing the ultimate system to match verified deals with investor profiles. A clear, 100% automised system matching demands and requests, is what everyone is looking for.

“The real estate industry should embrace the technology. It is a tool to benefit them rather than being something competitive.

“Consorto has big potential – otherwise I would not be involved with it!”

Consorto is looking for more Business Ambassadors in other countries. Apply now!

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