Change is inevitable in the commercial real estate sector, but the only way to stay on top and to grow is to be flexible and adapt.

That’s the message from Sonja Boskovic, who is the new Partnership Manager for European commercial property specialist,

Sonja Boskovic, who looks after Business Realtions
Sonja Boskovic

Consorto creates a high level of trust with users and its powerful proptech platform helps them expand networks and quickly and easily evaluate real estate deals.

Change can be challenging, which is why Consorto works hard to build trust with clients and provide them with a safe and reliable platform to expand their business network.

Advantages of working with Consorto

With a background in communications, sales and linguistics, Sonja is ideally placed to help new business contacts and users understand the advantages of working with Consorto.

“My main goal is to shine light on the benefits of working with Consorto because it really is a powerful tool in commercial real estate. I hope to build relationships and trust with potential clients and to show them how they can benefit from utilizing technology in the right way.”

Sonja first heard about the New Business Relations role through a friend and former colleague who thought she would be a perfect fit. “Once I learned more about the company and saw their platform, I was hooked. I just had to work there! I had some experience with the world of real estate, but this was a chance for me to dive deeper and learn more.”

Outside of work, Sonja Boskovic enjoys arts and crafts. “I have been taking pottery classes, which is much harder than it looks – and my arms still hurt after using the pottery wheel!  I love to paint because it’s very forgiving of mistakes (you just paint over it) so it’s a great hobby to start whenever you want.

Recently, I discovered that manipulating silver wires into various shapes to create images is an awesome stress reliever. I also enjoy playing video games – even though my hand-eye coordination is basically non-existent – and board games.”

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