Talented Steffanie Fränkel has found success in several different career paths – and they have all come together in real estate.

As Consorto’s Business Development Manager, Steffanie aims to grow our network and sales.

Netherlands-based Steffanie has a background in science and biotechnology and so initially started in the laboratory carrying out research and development for pharmaceutical agencies.

But she wanted greater communication with people and a more dynamic role and so became a business manager with an emphasis on sales, visiting doctors and specialists in the Netherlands and around Europe.

Why Steffanie Fränkel took a risk

After seven and a half years, Steffanie Fränkel was keen to use her creativity and business skills more and so became an entrepreneur. “I am also a creative person and have a very creative mind, so I wanted to explore that area. So, I went into a very different job. It was very risky.

“People said, ‘How can you change direction when you are doing so well?’ I was thinking this is part of me, so I have to dive in and explore that as well. It is very important. It took a lot of courage, but that is what I did. I just started to be an entrepreneur, forming my own company.”

As she has a love for fashion and interior design, she formed a luxury boutique company. This also brought her experience in online marketing, social media, visual design, art – and the interior design sector. “That is how I came into the real estate business – connecting clients with property.”

“So, I have done a lot of different things. I love all these areas – and they all come together in real estate and design.”

For Steffanie aims to work closely with clients to meet their goals, grow the network and increase sales.

And she also would like to give something back to the real estate community. “I have a heart to create some property community for homeless people and to give homeless children an education and a future. I would love to give them the opportunity to be able to explore their true selves and build their dreams.”

Clients can contact Steffanie on by emailing or phoning +31 624 160 600.

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