Top commercial real estate listing websites in Europe

What are the best European commercial real estate websites in 2022?

To help investment firms, brokers and other teams in CRE, we’ve compiled a collection of the best commercial real estate listings platforms you should be using.

Each site has different merits for commercial property investors and brokers looking to sell. It is particularly difficult to find sites that comprehensively cover the whole of Europe. Most listing sites just include single European countries, others have more advanced technological features to assist investors and CRE professionals.

Here is our round-up of commercial real estate platforms that feature a range of institutional-grade investments across Europe.

Here, we showcase and compare some contents and features of the sites and why they are popular with commercial property brokers and institutional investors and the estimated number of CRE listings priced at over €5m at the time of writing.


Listings priced at over €5m: 300

Consorto is the only pan-European commercial property marketplace, which means you just have to deal with a single website to inquire about listings in countries across Europe. The platform features public, private and off-market commercial property listings and a wanted section for investors to seek out exactly what they are looking for. Registered users are verified and the site offers an automated workflow solution to simplify communication and data exchange. The total listings value is over €10 billion.



Listings priced at over €5m: 150

Immo Scout 24 concentrates on commercial and residential property in Germany but also covers Austria and Spain. There is also a separate Swiss site. The website features tips and other resources. However, the site does not have an option to translate into English. Immo Scout 24 includes purchase and rental options for commercial property. The site offers a handy valuation service. The cost of advertising varies depending on coverage and other options.



Listings priced at €5m: 120

Realla includes retail, office and industrial properties for sale and rent in major cities, including London, Birmingham and Manchester, and elsewhere across Britain. It also features a Building Data search to stay on the top of the latest market trends. There is some confusion about the number of properties listed, with different estimates given across the site, but this may be because historical data has not been updated. But each listing contains in-depth information and shows when the details were last updated. Advertising fees vary. Other services are available for professionals, including photography and curation.



Listings priced at over €5m: 65

Lokaleportalen specialises in commercial properties and currently has around 8.000 listings in Denmark, which are available to buy and rent. The site is only available in Danish. It includes in-depth details about the properties and offers ideas of similar options as well. If users find significant errors in the listing information, they are rewarded with a week’s free access to the paid member services. It is free to register as a user but most services are offered through a subscription.



Listings priced at over €5m: 40 (main cities)

Full marks to idealista, which covers Spain and has separate sites for commercial and residential properties in Portugal and Italy, for being available in 11 different languages. Each contains essential buyer information, including when the listing was last updated, which may be some months ago. Advertising the first two listings is free, but any more incurs a charge, as does those about one million euros or 2,000 a month rental. idealista offers a range of services for property professionals, including market research and online courses.



Listings priced at over €5m: 30

SeLoger is another site that has a separate gateway for its commercial real estate listings. The website is in French. As well as viewing the property details on SeLoger, you can also connect with the broker site. Most details about the commercial property are included with the main points needed by investors, but some financial information is available on request. A range of services for property professionals is also offered for a fee.



Listings priced at over €5m: 25

Funda offers both residential and commercial properties, but gives them different landing pages and entry points. The commercial site, Funda in Business, is available in Dutch and English and claims to have the largest choice of CRE listings in the Netherlands. But some searches are not translated into English, so it helps to have an online translation to hand. Each listing carries essential details and offers ideas for similar properties. There is a separate search available for investment property options. You need to register first before taking advantage of the site’s services for property professionals.