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Location for  industrial/business opportunities

Location for industrial/business opportunities

Läyliäinen, Finland




Value-Add, Opportunistic

27 Sep 2022


Property Details

50,000 m²



Currently on general zoning plan. Farmhouse. 30m long stables.

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Investment Overview

Located in Läyliäinen - Southern Finland, approximately 63km from Helsinki. We have 50,000 m2 of land with existing buildings that come as is. Close to largest golf course and several lakes and national parks. Property has been used as a horse stable with own 1 km track and 8 horse stables. We are currently selling it for other use since it's unique with all necessary infrastructure for datacenter, cloudservices, logistics, hotels etc. We have the Telia ultrafast underwater datacable USA-GERMANY - Finland. We also have besides our land 5G Tower and optical fiber ready on gate. Electricity is also digged underground so no cuts in storm.Also besides land there is a river if Datacenter needs cooling. The county is very keen on acquiring business or industry to its area and changing the zoning can be done by the county, once there is the knowledge of the type of business/industry of the buyer. The property is suitable for many types of industry, telecom or Data centre. It would also be suitable for tourist location, since there is very beautiful scenery around and the largest golf course in Finland (full course) about 4km away at the land of a manor house.