Mixed-use Mansion

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mixed use


30 Oct 2019


Property Details


161 m²

260 m²






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Investment Overview

Classic mansion, situated on 161m2 of land, opposite the Vondelpark consisting of a very light double upper house with private entrance, three bedrooms and sunny terrace (136m2 GBO excluding the attic, easily lettable) and a very current and well leased office space (124 m2 GBO including the cellar) with garden. Thanks to this combination, the property offers various options: Because the business space is well let, the net monthly payment with regard to any mortgage is low. The business space concerns an industrial office space totaling 122m2 VVO including cellar space (GBO 124m2). The office space has its own entrance on the street side as well as a garden with terrace at the rear. Characteristic of the space is the high ceiling of approximately 4.20 meters. The floor of the room is partially finished with characteristic old-fashioned tiles and partly finished with a cast floor. At the rear is a fully equipped kitchen space present, ingenious way by means of skylights with daylight. Under the rented property there is another basement room with a radiator. The industrial property was completely rebuilt in 2001 (including the new façade of steel and tempered glass and developed under architecture).


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