Wanted Deal #1579
Posted on 28.12.2022

Mixed use, Land, Development, Retail, Hotels & Resorts, Office, Residential investment



Price range in millions

CHF10+ Million


4.5% - 5.0%

Investors are ready to invest in office, retail, logistics, residential, hotels, students living, serviced apartments and micro living as well as health care properties. For the office buildings it should be grade A office buildings with 1 or maximally 2 tenants, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St.Gallen, Lugano, Zug, Winterhur, Laussane, only freehold properties, only projects with existing lease agreements. Expected yield should be 4.5%-5%. For the logistics it can be all locations in Switzerland along the main traffic routes, high utility value, single or few tenants, only freehold and with existing tenants. For the retail all the locations in Switzerland with high demand potential, convenient locations with high pedestrian volume, single or few tenants, only projects with the existing lease agreements. For the hotels- they should be in city centers and established locations, they need to have lease contracts and not management contracts. For the residential it should be urban clusters, especially Zurich and Basel, city centers and peripheral locations. It should be properties with development potential, building projects/project developments with high letting potential. Only freehold.