Commercial Real Estate Talk with Consorto launches

A new series of real estate video interviews with top commercial property figures has been launched by leading European CRE deal sourcing platform, Consorto.

In each episode, global users and network members share expert opinions and market insights.

In episode one, commercial real estate veteran Jan Berglöv, of Sweden, discusses Swedish real estate development and investment with host, Consorto CEO, Philip Verzun.

Jan explains how he got into real estate development in 1985 with buy-to-rent property, warehousing and offices.

He talks about his current focus, including a project that has been nominated for a top award in Sweden.

And he outlines the Swedish market, including supply and demand, lending terms and the predicted sector performance in 2023.

Watch out for more episodes of Commercial Real Estate Talk with Consorto, interviewing top commercial real estate professionals, coming soon.