Want to keep track of all your property listings, searches and communications? Now you can through the Personalised Dashboard on Consorto.com.

Via our Personalised Dashboard, you can manage your property listings, wanted requests, deal flow and also your network.

Here are five big benefits of a Personalised Dashboard on Consorto.com:

  1. Keep track of all your property deals, communications and also your notifications in one place.
  2. Quickly change your on or off-market property listing status to active, under offer or sold.
  3. Use Consorto internal chat for instant customer support.
  4. View statistics for each property listing online performance.
  5. Track your Consorto referral fees, confirming when your 10% bonuses have been added.

Consorto Chief Executive Officer, Philip Verzun, says, “In addition to all that, users can save and share property files without Consorto branding.”

To start the process, Consorto users need to register for free and then fill out their profile to maximise matching property notifications.

* Look out for the final article in the Five Big Benefits series soon about the Benefits of Automatic Sharing on Consorto.com.

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