RE Capital and REIG buys Oeiras Tech City, Portugal, from Novo Banco

Oeiras Tech City, near Lisbon
Oeiras Tech City

RE Capital and its investment partner Real Estate Investment Group (REIG) have bought the Oeiras Tech City from Novo Banco.

The groundbreaking mixed-use development is in the heart of the Oeiras municipality, near Lisbon.

The project, on a 93,000 square meter plot with a Gross Construction Area of 82,000 square meters, promises to be a cornerstone in Lisbon’s urban expansion, offering residential, co-living, services, and retail spaces.

The site is adjacent to Tagus Park, one of Portugal’s most prominent office parks, and is a short drive from Lisbon and Cascais.

The master plan for the development, crafted by the award-winning architects Broadway Malayan, reflects a future-forward vision incorporating flexible and efficient buildings.

PBBR provided expert legal counsel of PBBR. Liberdade Capital was the buy-side advisor.

Vision for Oeiras Tech City

Newman Leech, CEO of RE Capital, added, says, “Our vision for Oeiras Tech City is to blend modernity with sustainability, creating a harmonious environment that resonates with the evolving preferences of today’s urban dwellers. This project truly reflects our passion for delivering exceptional quality and value to our partners, investors, and the communities we develop in.”

Olivier Hezelot, Head of Europe at RE Capital, stated, says, “The Oeiras Tech City project is a pivotal moment in our European portfolio, showcasing our ability to transform landscapes into thriving ecosystems. This development is more than just buildings; it’s about fostering a connected and sustainable community, setting new standards for living and working environments in Europe.”

Nuno Santos, Head of Portugal at RE Capital, says, “Oeiras Tech City represents the evolution of urban developments, creating a space that is not just a place to live or work, but a thriving community that caters to the dynamic needs of modern society. This project is set to become a benchmark for sustainable and innovative living in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.”

Architect, Margarida de Ordaz Caldeira, Head of the Lisbon Studio at Broadway Malyan, says, “As an architect deeply invested in the future of urban spaces, I am proud to say that Oeiras Tech City is more than a development; it’s a blueprint for the future of sustainable living. Our design philosophy interweaves the aesthetics of modern architecture with the functionality required for tomorrow’s urban life. We are crafting spaces that inspire, connect, and endure, setting a new ecological and social responsibility paradigm in the built environment.”

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