There’s a growing level of interest among international investors in European and UK property. And that’s not a coincidence; after all, the number of opportunities to make lucrative investments in European commercial property is large. However, this is a constantly shifting market, so there are plenty of things to keep in mind if you want to be confident that you’re doing the right thing.

Paris is a busy commercial property market

After all, Europe is far broader than people sometimes think. Some of the most competitive commercial property markets in the world are here — the likes of Paris and London. But at the same time, the continent is home to fast-growing markets such as Romania or Portugal.

Thinking about diversification

The COVID pandemic has caused changes in sector investment, with more of a focus on logistics and warehousing and less on retail and hospitality. There has also been a growing demand for data centers, particularly in Western Europe.

Offices are attracting investment interest

Offices are still an attractive and lucrative type of commercial property. Some repricing has taken place, but yields and pricing for core logistics and offices are expected to remain stable in the near term.

Emerging markets and different areas of the UK

When it comes to the emerging markets in Europe and different regions in the UK, international investors in European commercial property would do well to widen their gaze. As a rule, many have looked to London as the UK’s go-to investment area.

London is the UK’s most popular investor target

However, this has been changing lately. Plenty of people have begun seeing the abundant opportunities and value presented in renting or buying commercial property in other regional centers, like Bristol, Manchester, or Edinburgh. Though the pound is now growing stronger, there are still investment opportunities to be found all across the UK.

In nearby Ireland, Dublin has experienced significant surges in investments; due to favourable conditions, plenty of the world’s tech companies have sought to use Dublin as their European center. Thus, commercial properties in the Silicon Docks in this city are a major focus for investment.

Other areas in Europe are ripe with potential

Mainland Europe has strong investment opportunities too. Countries experiencing growth include Italy, Portugal, Romania and more.

There are plenty of reasons why buying here may be a better idea compared to traditional places like France or Germany. For one, the growth potential is higher. But apart from the lower competition, there’s also the fact that these areas are far more eager to attract international investors. There are all kinds of benefits for companies and individuals who want to move their businesses and transfer from the US, from special subsidies for industrial investments to expedited residency procedures.

Have reliable partners

While there are plenty of different ways to invest in European commercial property, there’s something all of them have in common. And that’s the need to find trustworthy local partners in this process. enables investors to access the best commercial real estate investment opportunities; you simply need to know where to look.

Use professionals with local knowledge

Beyond that, having trusty professional consultants on the ground is essential as well. When it comes to overseas investments, there is nothing more valuable than local knowledge.


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for international investors in European commercial property. Take a look at the listings on now.

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