Startup Wise Guys SaaS Batch 12, Tallinn (Autumn 2018)

Key ecosystem start-up accelerator within the Baltic States – Startup Wise Guys – has once again gone through the process of selecting fledgeling companies for funding in their own unique fashion.  The current competition marks the selection process for the 12th acceleration program the organization have run to date.  

Over 400 applicants dispersed over the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe, were assessed. This has culminated in Wise Guys selecting eleven of those for their mentorship program.  

Alexandra Balkova, Business Development Manager at angel investor company, Wannabiz based in Odessa, Ukraine will act as the Managing Director for this twelfth Wise Guys accelerator program.  Darja Ogorodnik, previously a Verification Specialist with Estonian startup Veriff is the Program Manager. Meanwhile, Startup Wise Guys CEO, Cristobal Alonso will maintain a strategic overview of the program in the context of the overall mission of the organization.  

More than 100 companies accepted

To date, Startup Wise Guys has accepted more than 100 startup companies onto its program, investing in their development. The accelerator is one of the foremost investors in the Baltic States area and wider Central and Eastern European region. The successful applicants will participate in the hands-on mentoring program over the course of 3 months in Tallinn, Estonia.  They will receive up to €30,000 in investment with the potential for subsequent investment. 

Startup Wise Guys assist the founders behind tech startups in becoming first-class entrepreneurs. It has been running an accelerator since 2012.  Of the 100 startup businesses that have participated in the program to date, the success is over 77%. Participants have been diverse, belonging to eleven distinct business categories.  The main focus has been on Business to Business (B2B), Software as a Service (SaaS) and general Fintech early stage startups. 

There’s certainly a wealth of potential with this current batch.  It will be interesting to see who emerges with the strongest market offering following the completion of the mentoring program.

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