The new Smart Match feature from Consorto® enables commercial property sellers to instantly see the number of matching investor profiles for their listings.

Our clever Smart Match algorithm searches through data from thousands of investor profiles on to indicate the potential demand for each listing.

Märt Roos
Consorto’s Property Listing Manager, Märt Roos

In a series of questions and answers below, Consorto’s Property Listing Manager, Märt Roos, reveals how Smart Match works, its benefits and also what makes it different.

Märt says, “Smart Match gives sellers the number of investors with matching search criteria.”

What is Smart Match?

Answer: Consorto’s Smart Match is a quick way for commercial real estate sellers to see the number of potential investors Consorto® has identified for their property. After entering the property information to the Smart Match tool, our algorithm automatically calculates the matching results. Users instantly see the number of global institutional investors who are actively buying CRE assets in Europe with the entered criteria.

How does it work?

Answer: Smart Match can be found on Consorto’s landing page. It is very easy to use. The seller simply chooses the right property type, the asset location (country), the property price (in Euros) and also the property yield (%).

While entering the information, the system will automatically show the number of matching investors on the right of the screen.

After receiving the result you can register and add your property details to Consorto system. If you are already a user, this can be done by logging in. After adding your listing with more detailed information, it will be verified and top matching profiles will be shortlisted. You can see the final number of investors to whom the property details will be shared. Afterwards, the seller can keep an eye on the deal progress through the Deal Flow section.

What are the main benefits for sellers?

Answer: It gives the seller a clear understanding of how many matching investors Consorto® has identified for the property that they are planning to list. Also, you don’t have to be a registered user. So even without registering you can see the benefit of using our platform.

What makes Smart Match different?

Answer: Firstly, you will receive a live result of institutional investors who are actively seeking and buying CRE assets in your location. There is a real investor profile behind each number that is given. Secondly, it also gives the seller honest feedback. For example, if the result for your property is low, there might be not enough information provided or the asset location or price may not currently be attractive enough for most potential investors.

What is the technology behind Smart Match?

Answer: Our custom-built algorithms match the property data to the investors search criteria and based on this the number of investors is shown.

Smart Match is the second major proptech feature introduced in the last few months by Consorto, after Deal Flow, a cutting-edge automated communication process that speeds up data access and pre-selection for European commercial property buyers. Deal Flow also helps CRE real estate sellers better manage leads and monitor deal progress.

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