Wanted Deal #1827
Posted on 19.05.2024




Price range in millions

€10 - €30 Million

Authorized representative

Multi tenant , With management


Are you a property owner or agent with a prime office building or complex in one of Poland's major cities? We're on the lookout for a standout investment opportunity that aligns with our vision of long-term value and growth. Our investment appetite is focused on modern office spaces that showcase contemporary design and construction, having been built within the last decade. Whether your property is single-tenant or multi-tenanted, we're interested in exploring the potential it holds. Efficient management is a key criterion for us, as we value a seamless tenant experience and operational excellence. With a budget ranging from €10 to €30 million euros, we're ready to make a significant investment in the right property. Property type: Office Building or Complex Location: Major Polish City Year Built: from 2000 Target Wault: 5 years plus Occupancy: Single let or multi-tenanted Property Condition: Already managed and well-maintained Price Range: €10 - €30 million euros