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1.000 hectares for sale




Value-Add, Opportunistic

1 Apr 2024

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1,000 ha

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In discussion with the government . Approved 205000 sqm urbanisation



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Aperçu de l'investissement

This land offers a large number of opportunities for investors. A few possibilities have been highlighted below. Alternative energy: negotiations are currently underway to place wind turbines on the top of the island the mountainous area of the country. It was estimated that any turbine could do that yield 5,000 euros per megawatt energy produced. Plans mention that there may be room for twelve turbines each generates 4 megawatts of power. The finca itself is self-sufficient wind/solar energy system for renewable energy, although there is also a mains connection possible. Rural hotel: There are already architectural plans prepared for a rural hotel and the country got a 'caza mayor' for it hunting activities. This could be great chance considering Ronda is one of them the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. Development project: plans are available for new construction villas up to 220,000 m². Agricultural purposes: large barn and surrounding land the northern part of the plot offers the perfect facility for breeding livestock breeding and agriculture.