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Warehouse/production property in Risskov

Risskov, DenmarkUnlock address


16.000.000 kr.




28 Feb 2024

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1,729 m²

Leasable area

9,253 DKK/m²




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Investment Overview

The building was built in 1992 and has a total area of ​​1,729 m², of which approx. 2/3 is made up of storage/production and 1/3 is made up of offices. The storage/production premises has 5 doors and is currently divided into a large and regular storage hall and 3 smaller halls, which, however, can easily be combined into one hall. In the largest warehouse, there is also a crane for 2,500 kg. All the warehouses are heated. The office section has been updated with i.a. LED panels and glass walls, so that it stands out with a presentable and modern interior. In addition to toilet facilities, kitchen and offices/meeting rooms of varying sizes, the office department also contains a large and presentable arrival area with double ceiling height. The property is highly visible, with a facade facing Skejby Nordlandsvej/Sindalsvej, which is passed daily by approx. 8,500 cars. The land area is 6,022 m², where currently 20-25 parking spaces are laid out as well as a fortified area at the back of the building, where the previous tenant had set up 7 containers. The property's previous tenant has moved out and the property is thus taken over and available for a new owner.